Runner’s Confession #2: The Turkey Trot


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When I think of Thanksgiving I there are many traditions and memories that come to mind.  The food (Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, Pie, etc.), being around family and friends, having everyone share what they are thankful for, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV!  For runners, there is another tradition: Turkey Trots!

Turkey Trots are all the rage, and is a tradition as old as running itself.  The Buffalo Turkey Trot, for example claims to be a few months older than the Boston Marathon.  It’s the reason why Thanksgiving has overtaken 4th of July  as the #1 day for Road Racing in the US.  Chances are there’s a local Turkey Trot in your area.

Turkey trots are seen by many runners and non-runners alike as a way to have a guilt free thanksgiving meal.  The 5k distance, fun environment and non-competitive atmosphere is especially appealing for beginners.

Living in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of these races available to me.  Still, I have yet to participate in an organized Turkey Trot. I know, blasphemy right?!  To be honest, it’s never been high on my list of priorities!  Even still, there are reasons (or excuses as some will say) as to why I’ve never run a Turkey Trot.

      • Too close to Fall Marathons
      • I am out of town
      • Family is in town
      • I’m helping to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner early in the morning

The closest I’ve come to running a race on Thanksgiving was The Philadelphia Marathon, after which I stayed in NJ to spend Thanksgiving with family.

This year has the potential to break that trend.  My wife and I celebrated Thanksgiving early due to family being in town.  I’m not planning to go anywhere, and Marathon was in September.  I already have my eye on a couple of local races, and if I do, in fact, break my no Turkey Trot streak, I’ll be sure to share my experience!

In the mean time, I want to hear about your Turkey Trot experiences, let me know what I’m missing!


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