My #RunChatHunt Experience

As an avid runner I enjoy finding ways to make my runs fun and interesting.  I even wrote a blog post about how to enjoy running.  One of the things that has added some fun to my running in the past month has been a Contest / Scavenger Hunt started by called Holiday to Holiday #RunChatHunt.  


The purpose of this unique event is to find the particular items on this list during a run, take a picture and upload to Instagram/Twitter with the tag #RunChatHunt.  Each picture counts as an entry to win a number of different prizes!

Here are the results of my #RunChatHunt:

IMG_20131209_073656IMG_20131216_121302 IMG_20131212_103126IMG_20131204_095655IMG_20131205_132021IMG_20131218_095043IMG_20131207_001557 IMG_20131130_123018IMG_20131129_092739IMG_20131130_122538

The Holiday to Holiday #RunChatHunt ends on December 26th at 9 am so there is still time to get in on the fun!  Check out the details at

Honestly I had so much fun with this I wish there were more things to find!  At the very least it opens up your mind to the interesting things you can see on a run!  Okay maybe a Porta Potty is not exactly interesting, but you get my point!

Happy Holidays and Happy Running! 🙂


Yesterday I learned from @RunChat that I won a prize in the #RunChatHunt Scavenger Hunt/Contest!

What I won is a Camelback Arc Quick Grip hydration bottle! I actually had my eye on one similar!

I will give the bottle the proper review treatment when I receive it! 🙂


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