Updates, Priorities and Goals


Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend whether its spent running or doing something else!

I thought today would be a great opportunity to give you all an update since I haven’t posted in a while! Anyone who knows me can attest to my love for running, it is my release, my passion and athletic activity of choice. As much as I love running I keep in mind what the true priorities are in my life, and my #1 priority will always be my family.

This year March 9th was a big day for me. On one hand it was the day I ran the LA Marathon and qualified for Boston, but there is a greater significance to that day. When I crossed the finish line and finally met up with my wife not only was I greeted with Congrats for the race, but also with the news that I was going to be a dad! Talk about an epic day filled with emotions! (Lots of happiness!)

When your priorities are in the right place, the choices you make can hardly be considered sacrifices. Instead of planning for a fall marathon, I chose a half marathon instead (Los Angeles Rock n Roll 1/2). The less demanding training schedule will allow me to be there for my wife when she needs me, but also allow me to stay mentally connected with the pregnancy and develop that bond w/ my son before he is born.

I am excited about what’s going on in my life right now. I still intend to fully represent Ignite Naturals as an Athlete and Ambassador. I know that I will have to get creative about my training and schedule when I train for the 2015 Boston Marathon (what with having a newborn and all) but I’m excited for the new experience as well!

I’m undecided about what I will be doing running wise between now and my half in October, but I will likely look at some shorter summer races to stay sharp!

Happy Running!

Eddie D


My #RunChatHunt Experience

As an avid runner I enjoy finding ways to make my runs fun and interesting.  I even wrote a blog post about how to enjoy running.  One of the things that has added some fun to my running in the past month has been a Contest / Scavenger Hunt started by therunchat.com called Holiday to Holiday #RunChatHunt.  


The purpose of this unique event is to find the particular items on this list during a run, take a picture and upload to Instagram/Twitter with the tag #RunChatHunt.  Each picture counts as an entry to win a number of different prizes!

Here are the results of my #RunChatHunt:

IMG_20131209_073656IMG_20131216_121302 IMG_20131212_103126IMG_20131204_095655IMG_20131205_132021IMG_20131218_095043IMG_20131207_001557 IMG_20131130_123018IMG_20131129_092739IMG_20131130_122538

The Holiday to Holiday #RunChatHunt ends on December 26th at 9 am so there is still time to get in on the fun!  Check out the details at http://therunchat.com/2013/11/enter-the-holiday-to-holiday-runchathunt/

Honestly I had so much fun with this I wish there were more things to find!  At the very least it opens up your mind to the interesting things you can see on a run!  Okay maybe a Porta Potty is not exactly interesting, but you get my point!

Happy Holidays and Happy Running! 🙂


Yesterday I learned from @RunChat that I won a prize in the #RunChatHunt Scavenger Hunt/Contest!

What I won is a Camelback Arc Quick Grip hydration bottle! I actually had my eye on one similar!

I will give the bottle the proper review treatment when I receive it! 🙂