Running the LA Marathon to Support Veterans – Why I need your support!

A new year is upon us and with that goals and resolutions.  Most people make resolutions on things they want to accomplish, and how they will better themselves.  It’s reasonable that people focus on self improvement (heck, I have my own goals as well) but what about helping others?

Early last month I posted about how I was running the 2014 LA Marathon to help raise money in support of Military Veterans.  Since then I have received plenty of support, kind words and donations.  My ultimate goal is to raise $2014 (2014 in 2014).  But I also want to raise awareness for the cause.


Brenai Foundation has been working hard to support Military Veterans.  Founder Keaver Brenai started the organization because of her own experience as a Military Family member.

From the Brenai Foundation Website:

BRENAI FOUNDATION™ Linking Our Troops Through Music is a nationwide project bridging our Veterans with military focused employers, transition housing, and music therapy tools for Veteran children.

We provide critical information services to Veterans and their families. Life after deployment transitional assistance, separation guidance for children and families, as well as linking disabled and low-income Vets to resources to secure their quality of life. Our team is well equipped with military Veterans, military children, educators, and others ready to help with a passion for service.

I, myself am a military veteran (Marine Corps), and know how difficult transition to civilian life can be.  I was fortunate that I was granted an opportunity shortly after I got out, but many don’t have it that easy.  I have many friends and family members who have struggled after getting out of the military to find good paying jobs to support their families.  Disabled Vets have it even tougher, and while there are some extra benefits for their disability, most of them continue to struggle.

Why should our Military Veterans suffer after giving so much of themselves to support our country?  Brenai Foundation is doing the hard work to make a change.  Instead of just talking about the problem they are taking action!

To reach this goal of 2014 in 2014, I am upping the ante and stepping up MY efforts as well!  In addition to Running the 2014 LA Marathon:

  1. I will commit to running 2014 total miles in 2014.
  2. I will shave my head and facial hair “Boot Camp Style” when I reach my goal of $2014
  3. I will have special giveaways!

Stay tuned for more details on all of this including a current “before” picture of me with all of my hair!

I’m also open to suggestions!  I am very committed to helping this charity and willing to work for it (including doing some crazy things!)

Check out my fundraising page! If you are inclined to do so, please give what you can and donate to this wonderful charity!! –

Once again, to learn more about Brenai Foundation visit their website:




Running for Veterans: Eddie Got Soles 2014 LA Marathon Fundraiser

As I’ve already shared, my next “Adventure” will be training for, and running the LA Marathon with Team NutriBullet.  While I will be receiving lots of support from Team NutriBullet, I will be sending my support to Brenai Foundation.  Every time I lace up my shoes for a training run, up until I lace them up for the LA Marathon and beyond, I will do so with the goal of Fundraising for Brenai Foundation.

Brenai Foundation is a charity with the goal and purpose of helping support Military Veterans.  They will accomplish this goal by providing education, aid, and resources to disabled and low income vets, help veterans and their families with transition assistance, aid and support for military families who are separated from their loved ones, and much more!

As a Marine Corps Veteran I know first hand the challenges many service men and women experience when they separate from the Military.  And so does Brenai Foundation founder and CEO Keaver Brenai, who created the charity after witnessing her own family members in the same struggle.

I have shared my experience, 8 1/2 years in the Marine Corps – this is where my running history started so its only fitting that I use my running ability to help support veterans.  Aside from my own service, I have many friends, family members – cousins, aunts and uncles, etc. who have also served.

“There is no reason a Veteran should become jobless or homeless due to lack of resources and knowledge.”, says Keaver Brenai, founder of Brenai Foundation.  She, and the rest of her organization is not just talking about it, they are out there working hard and doing something to create real change!  It is that level of dedication that makes it and easy decision for me to choose them as my charity of choice for the LA Marathon!

I ask, if you are able, please give what you can and donate to this wonderful charity!

To learn more about Brenai Foundation visit their website: